Butterfly Love! Save Our The hardest working small eco org!

  Butterfly Love!      We love Save Our    The hardest working small eco org!

                                 The Monarch Butterfly Migration has dwindled from an estimated Billion to 50 Million.

Every piece of Anna Sova "Save Our Butterfly Linens Collection" donates to the org. And we give you packets of milk week seeds with each order so you may have Butterfly gardens both inside and out.

Pure thrust! Why I love my Tesla.

Pure Thrust! Why I love my Tesla!

When I was a little girl and my Father was driving us to school in town from our horse farm he would easily hit 120 to 140 miles per our in our conservative big, blue, Jackie O Lincoln.
As my brother and I watched telephone poles whip by in a blur... Father would turn to us and say in a loving but stern voice “Don’t ever drive like I do. I am trained to drive like this and you are not.”
At which point my brother and I giggled and gave each other the knowing glances that said “We will drive like bats out of hell because this is really fun!”.
My Father was a Marine Jet Fighter Pilot, a Navy Test Pilot and a private pilot who flew his own planes. He also drove the car like he was flying.

We lived on a horse farm and every one understands the term faster horses..
However speeding in a motor vehicle is against the law and not safe and completely irresponsible. And of course now that I am a Mother I would never set an example of driving while speeding....(ok, my …

True Warriors! The Crew of the Sea Shepherd MV Brigitte Bardot, Antigua

True Warriors!    The Crew of the Sea Shepherd MV Brigitte Bardot, Antigua. 

It is late at night in my skinny bunk on board the Marine Vessel Brigitte Bardot and I am rolling slightly while reviewing my menu for tomorrow.. This ship was built for speed, not comfort and held the world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe for almost 20 years. 

I have been invited to crew for five days as a vegan chef in a kitchen the size of my handbag, my small handbag. Or maybe four pairs of shoes for my rather large feet..?
After studying cooking in seven counties and owning restaurants I think I can handle anything. 
However I soon realize I would much rather hang with the amazing, international and hugely talented crew and take everyone to dinner every night... a great deal more fun! 
I have an extreme admiration for Sea Shepherds mission and have designed and dedicated a bedding collection to them.

Our Anna Sova Sea Shepherd Collection in Sea Mist Blue

To all the eco cars I loved shower songs

“To all the Eco Cars I loved before."                                   from my shower songs...

Anna in 2006 with her families bio diesel truck and bio diesel Mercedes.

Words by Anna Walker.
Music by "To all the girls I loved before" Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias.

You are so blessed you can not hear me sing it.
This song will sound much better in the voice between your ears..

To all the eco cars I loved before.
I squeezed my legs between their doors.
How far they've come along.
They're growing much more strong.
To all the eco cars I loved before.

My bio diesel's and their tanks of grease.
They gave me great environmental peace.
They rattled and they chugged.
They smelled of french fries and brought bugs.
My Mercedes and Ford pickup conversation piece.

The winds of change are always blowing.
And again I trade away.
My BMW electric showing..
a lack of range that shocks today.

To hybrid cars I once possessed.
My Prius and my Volt were best.
Until the next car came along.
Now all el…

Please Boycott Paper Towels! The trees will thank you! Really...

Please boycott paper towels!  The trees will thank you! really,,,

Paper towel production kill 51,000 trees per DAY! 
Just for use in the USA.

The paper industry is the third largest contributor to global climate change.

A good cloth kitchen cloth will last for generations!

Especially our "Elegant Activists" Italian Organic Kitchen Cloths with six ways to save the planet woven into the Italian Jacquard.
You can find them on our website in sets of 36 which should eliminate the need for paper towels in your home for the next twenty years or so. 

You can give them as gifts to friends who understand what we need to do to save the planet. Wedding presents, holiday presents, birthdays, valentines, groundhog day, honey I love the planet day.

 All the trees you will save will thank you!

You will get the message...Trees roots have mycelium attached which can connect over hundreds of miles.

 Mycelium are the largest living…

Drowning in the light of the moon! Agra.India.

Agra India, "drowning in the light of the moon.” 
I was raised on a horse farm in the country where the sky was inky dark at night.The light from the moon and stars was so strong it seemed to have weight and a heaviness... a fog of moonlight.

Sometimes, when there was a full moon I would walkmy dog Sam to the rock quarry to watch the local wildlife of deer and small mammals. 

It seemed as though I could feel the the weight of the bright moon light on my skin. See the weight of the silver light reflected on Sams shiny Labrador fur.

However tonight I am in Agra, India at the Oberoi Villegas...

The heavens above are a deep, dark Thanka blue, up to the halo edge of the Moon. TheIndian Mother moon is shining strong, like a blue sun and she washes over the jungle panorama below my balcony, overlooking the huge indigo pool and the legendary Taj Mahal.The city is in the throws of an ancient celebration. 

The celebration taking place is called “Vijayadashmi”, “The Festival of Winning”. This is …