Please Boycott Paper Towels! The trees will thank you! Really...

Please boycott paper towels! 
The trees will thank you!

Paper towel production kill 51,000 trees per DAY! 
Just for use in the USA.

The paper industry is the third largest contributor to global climate change.

A good cloth kitchen cloth will last for generations!

Especially our "Elegant Activists" Italian Organic Kitchen Cloths with six ways to save the planet woven into the Italian Jacquard.

You can find them on our website in sets of 36 which should eliminate the need for paper towels in your home for the next twenty years or so. 

You can give them as gifts to friends who understand what we need to do to save the planet. Wedding presents, holiday presents, birthdays, valentines, groundhog day, honey I love the planet day.

 All the trees you will save will thank you!

You will get the message...Trees roots have mycelium attached which can connect over hundreds of miles.

 Mycelium are the largest living organisms on the planet.

These grateful trees will telegraph their message from their mycelium to other trees and their mycelium thru the planets surface and pop up somewhere near you with a cheerful "great job!".

If you study trees or mushrooms (I went to College:) then you may be familiar with the great inventor Paul Stamets, the founder of Fungi Perfecti and author of one of my favorite books "Mycelium Running". 

To be truly enlightened about the world of mycelium please visit his website at

It may be the shroom's speaking, but please tell us when you get the message.

lots of love,


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