To all the eco cars I loved shower songs

“To all the Eco Cars I loved before." 
                                 from my shower songs...

Anna in 2006 with her families bio diesel truck and bio diesel Mercedes.

Words by Anna Walker.
Music by "To all the girls I loved before" Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias.

You are so blessed you can not hear me sing it.
This song will sound much better in the voice between your ears..

To all the eco cars I loved before.
I squeezed my legs between their doors.
How far they've come along.
They're growing much more strong.
To all the eco cars I loved before.

My bio diesel's and their tanks of grease.
They gave me great environmental peace.
They rattled and they chugged.
They smelled of french fries and brought bugs.
My Mercedes and Ford pickup conversation piece.

The winds of change are always blowing.
And again I trade away.
My BMW electric showing..
a lack of range that shocks today.

To hybrid cars I once possessed.
My Prius and my Volt were best.
Until the next car came along.
Now all electric is my bong.
Walt Whitman would belong.
Inside my Tesla with my dog Angus.

The winds of change are always blowing.
And every time I trade away.
The winds of change continued blowing.
and now my Tesla speeds away.

To all the gas cars that I once possessed.
The guzzlers and the oil obsessed.
I'm glad to let you go. 

I will ever more just drive eco.

(Photo with Prius, Volt, BMW i3)

Lots of love,


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