Drowning in the light of the moon! Agra.India.

Agra India, "drowning in the light of the moon.” 
I was raised on a horse farm in the country where the sky was inky dark at night. The light from the moon and stars was so strong it seemed to have weight and a heaviness... a fog of moonlight.

Sometimes, when there was a full moon I would walk my dog Sam to the rock quarry to watch the local wildlife of deer and small mammals. 

It seemed as though I could feel the the weight of the bright moon light on my skin. See the weight of the silver light reflected on Sams shiny Labrador fur.

However tonight I am in Agra, India at the Oberoi Villegas...

The heavens above are a deep, dark Thanka blue, up to the halo edge of the Moon. The Indian Mother moon is shining strong, like a blue sun and she washes over the jungle panorama below my balcony, overlooking the huge indigo pool and the legendary Taj Mahal. The city is in the throws of an ancient celebration. 

The celebration taking place is called “Vijayadashmi”, “The Festival of Winning”. This is a festival that celebrates respect towards women.

The primal drums of a thousand years and the mechanically over amplified back beats of huge speakers on trucks roaming the edges of the city in joy. The aromatic burning of small garbage and the crackling fireworks... the home fires and the heavy dampness of the jungle and Mother India.

I love this festival of women, the bright heavy moonlight and the exotic sounds and smells.

 I have another glass of wine on my patio,willingly drowning in the moonlight with the sounds and the smells and the Taj and the jungle.

Love to all,


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