Pure thrust! Why I love my Tesla.

Pure Thrust! Why I love my Tesla!

When I was a little girl and my Father was driving us to school in town from our horse farm he would easily hit 120 to 140 miles per our in our conservative big, blue, Jackie O Lincoln.

As my brother and I watched telephone poles whip by in a blur... Father would turn to us and say in a loving but stern voice “Don’t ever drive like I do. I am trained to drive like this and you are not.”

At which point my brother and I giggled and gave each other the knowing glances that said “We will drive like bats out of hell because this is really fun!”.

My Father was a Marine Jet Fighter Pilot, a Navy Test Pilot and a private pilot who flew his own planes. He also drove the car like he was flying.

We lived on a horse farm and every one understands the term faster horses..

However speeding in a motor vehicle is against the law and not safe and completely irresponsible. And of course now that I am a Mother I would never set an example of driving while speeding....(ok, my son does have to remind me when my ticket court dates are..)

But sometimes when the road is quiet late at night and hopefully that policeman is having donuts somewhere... We can pray for a long, wide open stretch of road that a true American car is made for. A place for unbridled thrust (not lust?) that slams you on your back and whips your ears into the back seat..

I have spent many years with my environmentally responsible cars, my beloved bio diesel’s, hybrids and electrics with the power of a can opener. 

That truly American car is the Tesla. With all the acceleration and sexed up attitude of my little brothers 1970's Trans Am and none of the pollution.
Now I have an ecologically responsible car with an American car's speed and acceleration... I have a Tesla and I love it!

Lots of love,


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